Roadside Descansos is my commitment and connection to others who have felt the loss of a loved one. On July 17, 2017 I suffered a life changing heart stroke and near death experience that helped me realize my place in the human experience as one of many, rather than one alone, as I had always felt.

Now, I am compelled to connect on a real emotional level with as many of my fellow humans as possible, and the most common experience we all feel is the loss of a loved one. We help by providing a place for anyone suffering the loss of a loved one in a traffic accident to commemorate that person on the Web, and roadside remembrances, too.

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Finding Roadside Descansos

Locate existing Descansos along the roads of New Mexico. Take a virtual or actual tour using maps with GPS coordinates, as well as special annual Day of the Dead GPS-driven tours.

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Build a Physical Descanso

We create a beautiful steel memorial with a symbol, name and dates, placed legally and permanently, at the location where your loved one passed to help you and others to remember.

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Build a Virtual Descanso

Add your loved one's photo, obituary, and physical descanso location to this site so that you, your family and friends can visit, remember, and honor that person any time, any place.

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About Roadside Descansos

A Descanso is a monument or memorial erected at the place of the passing of a loved one. In New Mexico and the western United States this dates back as far as the 1400s.

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We build . . . .

Online Virtual Descansos

Sponsor an Online Descanso for your loved one. With your information and a one-time fee of $40, paid via PayPal account or PayPal with your credit card, we will build the online Descanso for the "forever remembering" your loved one deserves. Each sponsored Descanso includes;

  • Alphabetical listing of Descansos
  • Descanso map with exact physical location
  • Photo of the physical Descanso
  • Picture & obituary of the deceased

We build . . . .

Physical Roadside Descansos

We create a steel memorials with a symbol of your choice and the name of your loved one, placed permanently within the legal limits set by the highway department, at the location where your loved one passed to help you and others to remember. Each Descanso consists of:

  • Steel construction
  • Symbol or design of your choice
  • Participate in installation on site
  • Legally placed where it will be left untouched